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Explore our customized, data-driven Amazon and digital retail strategies and solutions.
Data & Insights
Market Intelligence

Refine your perspective using market and competitive insights

  • Market Explorer: Stay on top of market trends with access to hundreds of data points, including market size, category growth, and brand concentration across more than 15K+ Amazon categories.
  • Brand Explorer: See how you stack up against your Amazon competitors and benchmark your performance against hundreds of thousands of brands across 15K+ retail categories.
  • Catalog Explorer: Improve SKU prioritization process or competitor takedowns by analyzing hundreds of thousands of brands’ product catalogs on Amazon.
  • Product Explorer: Connect insight to action by dissecting market and competitive intelligence at the product level for tens of millions of products.
Reporting & Analytics

Discover actionable insights with unified Amazon analytics

  • Integrated Reporting: Unite retail, inventory, advertising, market intelligence, and first-party data for 360-degree views of product, category, and channel performance.
  • Performance Tracking: Keep your eye on the prize with intuitive views to track sales performance relative to your goals, past performance, market, and competition.
  • Deep Dives: Stay on top of key e-commerce metrics with advanced reporting on advertising and DSP performance, inventory health, market trends, Buy-Box Win Rates, Share of Voice, and more.
  • Executive-Level Reporting: Empower all stakeholders with the data they need to make fast, smart decisions with exportable performance reports.

Momentum Commerce really solved how we could seamlessly get key Amazon data sets into our corporate reporting environment in a way that would allow us to give a much more 360-degree holistic perspective on our business and what’s driving performance.”

Dan Parker, VP of Data Science and Analytics, Thrasio
Strategy & Planning

Architect data-driven Amazon and digital retail strategies

  • Multi-channel E-commerce Strategy & Media Planning: Maximize sales across channels by optimizing budgets and tactics using category-specific benchmarks and advanced analytics.
  • Category Insights & Competitor Intelligence: Gather unique insights on category shopping behavior, uncover actionable strategies from winning brands, and understand which categories and products are trending before your competition.
  • Education & Training: Level up your e-commerce knowledge with engaging workshops that go beyond foundational best practices and include the latest retail trends and growth hacks.

Make optimal financial decisions backed by data-driven insights

  • Quick-View Category & Brand Flashes: Within 48 hours, obtain a succinct perspective of any brand’s Amazon performance and future revenue potential.
  • Buy- & Sell-Side Diligence: Use our proprietary Amazon data sets and advanced insights automation to leave no stone unturned when assessing the health and opportunity of a prospective Amazon brand sale or acquisition.
  • Portfolio Auditing: Easily evaluate existing brands in your portfolio with our e-commerce brand health scorecards and performance optimization recommendations.

Momentum Commerce has really proved in a 360-degree fashion that they not only know what a successful Amazon model is but also provide really good advice on what makes something special on a specific client basis. They’re able to take a deeper view into our clients and provide a unique analysis of them. I personally have never seen the type of analyses that they do on Amazon from anyone else.”

Laura Hillman, VP of Investment Banking, Raymond James

Use our experts to optimize your Amazon ad performance

  • Product-Centric Optimization: Keep each and every product competitive and maximize efficiency based on your product-level goals.
  • Differential Keyword Valuation: Maximize performance by ensuring you’re investing in the highest converting keywords related to your product, even as those keywords change over time.
  • Improved Optimization Feedback Loop Through Advanced Analytics: Understand how advertising is impacting discoverability and visibility across the Digital Shelf to make better, faster decisions.
  • Full-Funnel Campaign Planning and Buying: Intelligently allocate budget across all available advertising and targeting types to make your media investment go further.

Integrate your omnichannel ad strategy guided by a seasoned retail media team

  • Cross-Platform Optimization: Coordinate and optimize omnichannel ad strategies to efficiently reach your customers whether they shop on Amazon, Walmart, Target, Instacart, or other e-commerce marketplaces.
  • Promotion Coordination: Eliminate the danger of sales cannibalization or Buy Box loss.
  • Connected Reporting: Easily analyze your cross-platform performance metrics to make sure you’re meeting all e-commerce goals.

In a hyper-competitive market like the one we operate in, staying ahead of how consumers are finding similar products makes a big difference in how we execute against our growth strategy. Momentum Commerce’s content optimization work has meaningfully improved our products’ ranking in search and our overall sales trajectory on Amazon.”

John Solomon, CMO, Therabody

Maximize discoverability and conversion with insights-based content optimization

  • Data-Driven Product Listing Optimization: Illuminate the most important search terms for every product in your catalog. Compare your product content to competitive listings and prioritize keywords by combining search volume trends and listing relevancy – automatically and at scale.
  • Content Recommendations that Drive Sales: Receive tailored recommendations on the specific keywords you need to remove or add to your backend keywords, titles, and feature bullets.
  • Listing Optimization & Measurement Services: We’ll continually optimize your listings based on Amazon search trend data, and we’ll measure the effectiveness of our changes on organic rank, conversions, and total sales.

Dynamically adjust pricing at scale to maximize revenue and profit

  • Competitor Pricing: Ensure a response when competitors undercut you on price or extract additional margin if prices are rising broadly. We dynamically adjust your price to achieve and maintain a specific price rank in relation to competitors’ prices.
  • Best Seller Conquest Pricing: Understand the relationship between price and Amazon Best Seller ranking in order to execute pricing strategies designed to acquire the highly-coveted “Best Seller Badge” and maximize sales volume. Once successful, intelligently increase price to surf the wave of higher sales at better margins.
  • Algorithmic Pricing: Utilize our advanced methodologies to adjust pricing based on your specific goals for each product. We predict price elasticity for all your products and find your optimal revenue and profit price positions.

Our engagement with Momentum Commerce has helped answer important questions for how we improve our business on Amazon. Their expertise and flexible technology truly delivers on the promise of digital retail growth-as-a-service. Momentum Commerce is a great partner if you are looking to make more money on Amazon.”

Dan Marques, Head of Global Digital Commerce, Crocs

Extend your team with Amazon experts and data you can trust

  • Amazon Account Management: Save time and resources with an Amazon retail operations expert managing your day-to-day tasks, including ticket management, account issues, and staying on top of Amazon Seller news and updates.
  • Product Review Management: Earn more reviews as we actively identify products that need review count boosts based on data analysis and manage review programs such as Vine to hit those targets.
  • Product Content Management: Using our Content Optimization engine, we continuously maximize product discoverability and conversion across your entire portfolio.

Reap the benefits of having our team manage your inventory to maximum efficiency

  • Demand Forecasting: Receive demand forecasts for existing or new products based on deep analyses of marketplace and first-party data by our team of data experts.
  • Fulfillment Planning: Improve efficiency with our team, helping to set your fulfillment strategy and mitigate inventory issues as they arise.
  • Full-Service Inventory Planning: Obtain detailed plans that ensure you have the right products on hand to meet demand and minimize costs.