Amazon Live – Is Streaming Worthwhile?

Amazon Live – Is Streaming Worthwhile?

By Elise Conlin
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May 18, 2023 · 3  min

Since its 2019 launch, Amazon Live remains a priority for Amazon in its push to attract more ‘top of funnel’ marketing activity from brands. Options available for brands include creating their own live stream or having their product integrated into other creators’ videos and live shows. The purpose is to create a dedicated space to showcase products, educate the audience, but also engage with prospective shoppers directly. So is hosting a live stream on the platform a decision worth investing in? Momentum Commerce’s experience with one of our multinational clients shows that there are benefits if you take an integrated approach.

Keep in mind that to be eligible for Amazon Live, you must be either a US Professional Seller registered through the Amazon Brand Registry, a US Vendor with an approved storefront, or an Amazon Influencer.

The Story

Amazon offers three specific ways that a brand can engage with audiences through Amazon Live. In each instance, brands have access to real-time metrics via the channel analytics dashboard. 

The first option is one of the more appealing offers known as self-service, which comes at no direct cost to brands. Using the Amazon Live Creator App, brands can create a live stream from any iOS device and upload it to Amazon. The brand has complete autonomy with this option to craft the type of content they see fit. Once the live video has concluded, the brand has the option for the content to permanently live on the PDP, as well as in the Amazon Live library.

The next option utilizes paid Amazon Influencers to showcase products. Through the Amazon Live Creator App, brands sponsor certain live-streaming videos produced by influencers in exchange for their display of the product. Brands must carefully select the influencer based on their interests and strengths while keeping in mind the audience they are attempting to reach. Depending on the category, commission rates allotted to chosen influencers may vary. Once an agreement has been established, the influencer works in tandem with the brand to create content that adheres to Amazon’s Community Policies

Finally, brands can elect to have services managed completely by Amazon, but at a minimum spend of $50,000. In this option, brands can have their product integrated into live shows produced by Amazon with the host, testimonials, and demonstration methods completely chosen by Amazon. 

The questions brands may be asking are, what option is best for me? Is there a measurable ROI for Amazon Live? A multi-national health products client of Momentum Commerce recently went live, and their results were promising. During the live event itself, there were only a few hundred active viewers, and one purchase was made. However, when looking period over period of the ten days preceding and following the event, we can see a 62.4% increase in units sold across those featured products. The brand also experienced a lift in follower growth on its page. Having existing internal resources can help make the ROI discussion easier. For instance, this client has an internal educational leader, so they were able to produce this stream in-house with that person acting as the presenter, limiting up-front costs. 

Tips for Success on Amazon Live

Existing internal resources are one of many items to take into consideration before pursuing a live event. Make sure to utilize Amazon’s Education Hub for all preparation or questions. Here are some additional tips and tricks for success on Amazon Live. 

  • Promote any live events across all marketing channels. This can engage a brand’s existing audience and build brand loyalty!
  • Include some form of CTA (Call-To-Action) during the event. Most often this is a call to purchase, but could also be asking for a follow to a brand’s page.
  • Re-purpose clips from the live stream as Sponsored Video Ads on Amazon!
  • Utilize the chat function during live streams to directly answer questions from audience members.
  • Consider running a special promo code for the live viewers. Practice validating these codes before the event to ensure all codes are actively working.
  • When analyzing metrics in the channel analytics dashboard following a live event, make sure to cross-check numbers across those available in Seller Central and Vendor Central. This practice will help paint a fuller picture of all potential sales impacts.