Introducing the Amazon Search Trends Tool

Introducing the Amazon Search Trends Tool

By Andrew Waber
Data Science
Retail Media
Retail Strategy
August 3, 2022 · 3  min

Momentum Commerce today announced the launch of its Amazon Search Trends Tool. The free interface provides comprehensive views into what search terms are most associated with a certain brand’s products on Amazon, what search terms present the biggest potential opportunities for a brand, along with individual search term volume on Amazon over time.

Amazon Search Trends Tool

In this way, the Amazon Search Trends Tool by Momentum Commerce addresses a major blind spot for brands. Many brands and investors are accustomed to using Google Trends data to plan new product development or inform their merger and acquisition strategy. However, transactional search activity has increasingly migrated from Google to Amazon, creating a gap in the market for this type of intelligence. 

Amazon’s own reporting on search frequency is limited to simple ranks on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis, with no ability for brands or investors to truly discern how many actual times a given term is searched, and how that shifts over time. This presents understandable roadblocks when setting a strategy around modifying product detail page content to maximize discoverability, where to focus additional advertising spend, or researching a product or brand’s trajectory on Amazon.

“Many of our strategy consulting clients rely on Amazon search data to inform strategic decision making surrounding what products to develop or brands to acquire,” said Eileen Devor, Head of Strategy at Momentum Commerce. “The new Amazon Search Trends tool unveils this data quickly and simply, speeding up that research and decision-making process.”  

Users of Momentum Commerce’s Amazon Search Trends Tool simply select one of over 100,000 brands selling on Amazon. Momentum Commerce’s expansive data set and advanced data science capabilities then provide a series of breakdowns around that brand’s presence and opportunity on Amazon.

Each of these breakdowns comes with actual monthly search volume estimates since October 2021 attached, with full data tables and interactive visualizations:

  • All Terms – all search terms where the selected brand’s products appear on the first page of results, along with search terms where highly relevant competitive products appear
  • Brand Terms – search terms where the selected brand’s name is in the search query itself
  • Direct Terms – all search terms where the selected brand’s products appear on the first page of results
  • Opportunity Terms – all search terms where the selected brand’s products do not appear on page 1 of the search results, but highly relevant competitive products do appear

“Our team manages hundreds of millions of dollars in Amazon Advertising spend on behalf of our clients. Getting the results they are looking for requires staying continually ahead of the curve,” said Noah Jones, Lead Retail Media Analyst at Momentum Commerce. “While we cannot directly control how often consumers search for our client’s products, if we measure activity changes carefully, it’s easier to confidently adapt our approach to improve marketing outcomes.” 

The Amazon Search Trends Tool sits alongside Momentum Commerce’s well-known free Amazon Brand Index, which ranks tens of thousands of brands based on paid and organic share of voice on by week over the past year. The new interface’s launch comes just weeks after Momentum Commerce’s interactive Prime Day Brand Scoreboard, recapping the activity of hundreds of thousands of different brands across more than 1,500 categories during Amazon Prime Day 2022.

“Amazon remains a proverbial black box across a number of areas. Our experience in building tools that illuminate these sources of intelligence is that it helps makes brands and investors better informed, and naturally make better decisions,” said John T Shea, CEO and Founder of Momentum Commerce. “The Momentum Commerce Amazon Search Trends Tool, and our decision to give this technology to the market for free is just one step further in our mission to become the most respected consultancy in data-driven eCommerce sales and marketing.”

The Amazon Search Trends Tool is available for free with no sign up required and can be found at