Guide: Amazon Testing Strategy & Success

Guide: Amazon Testing Strategy & Success

By Andrew Waber
Retail Media
Retail Strategy
June 2, 2022 · < 1  min

At Perpetua’s Growth Lab Conference in June 2022, Momentum Commerce director of retail media services Kelsey Robb presented a deep dive into Amazon testing strategies. This included broader keys for success when planning and executing experiments on the retail site.

For some background, the team at Momentum Commerce works extensively with brands, aggregators and private equity firms to evaluate both market conditions and proper growth strategy for individual products and entire catalogs. These projects involve tracking a range of key levers of Amazon success, including pricing, in-stock rates, advertising execution, reviews and ratings, and product content.

Each test is tailored to client goals, their market dynamics, and what they are looking to learn. But as an organization, we’ve learned to really get the best results and takeaways from a test, scoping and test construction shouldn’t just be conducted by humans or technology alone. Humans can help structure the test to fit the business’ true needs and goals, while good technology can help better identify measurement characteristics and analyze the results themselves.

Kelsey’s presentation goes into detail on how to put these concepts into practice, turning business problems into data problems that ultimately become data and business solutions.

Amazon Testing Topics Covered in the Presentation

  • What is worth testing on Amazon?
  • Scoping tests appropriately based on your goals, business size
  • Real-world test examples – complex and simpler

Check out Kelsey’s full presentation above, and if you’d like a downloadable version, or want to chat about conducting similar tests for your brand on Amazon, shoot us a note.