Introducing Velocity by Momentum Commerce, A Comprehensive Amazon Insights Platform

Introducing Velocity by Momentum Commerce, A Comprehensive Amazon Insights Platform

By Andrew Waber
News & Press
Retail Strategy
June 7, 2023 · 2  min

Momentum Commerce today announced the launch of a brand-new Digital Shelf Analytics (DSA) platform designed for data-driven brands looking to compete at the highest level on Velocity by Momentum Commerce builds on the array of free, well-known Amazon Insights utilities Momentum Commerce has offered for years.

The new platform offers brands a full suite of competitive and market intelligence tools to better understand and react to Amazon trends, addressing the specific needs and use cases expressed by Momentum Commerce’s brand clients:

“The Pet Supplies category is incredibly dynamic on Amazon. Competitive sets for each of our products change constantly, and to make meaningful tactical and strategic changes we need insights that take this into account,” said Angela Farmer, Vice President of e-commerce at Nulo Pet Food. “Velocity by Momentum Commerce is the first digital shelf analytics platform we’ve used that takes this search-aware approach to benchmarking. This has helped us meaningfully analyze our Amazon business, and we’re putting these learnings into practice with great guidance from the Momentum Commerce services team.”

“With the release of Velocity by Momentum Commerce we’re taking another big step forward in our mission to become the most respected consultancy in data-driven e-commerce enablement,” said John T. Shea, CEO and Founder of Momentum Commerce.

Velocity by Momentum Commerce allows users to:

  • Research category dynamics such as size, growth, concentration, and stability across tens of thousands of categories.
  • Benchmark brand performance by average product price, advertising, promotion, customer feedback, organic visibility, and market share across hundreds of thousands of brands.
  • Analyze any brand’s product catalog on Amazon across the metrics most associated with success, and drill further to extract actionable insights on millions of individual products.
  • Examine consumer search trends on across millions of different search terms.

“Throughout the development of Velocity by Momentum Commerce, our focus has been on surfacing Amazon insights that are both as meaningful and actionable as possible,” said Jay McQuillan, CTO of Momentum Commerce. “This architecture allows you to go from the macroscopic category level all the way to the details of individual products, and these features ultimately set the platform apart from existing offerings.”

Early users of Velocity by Momentum Commerce claim it is differentiated from other digital shelf tools in three primary ways:

  • Single, Fair Price for Unlimited Access: Most competitive offerings charge users exorbitant fees just to subscribe to insights on a single category or brand. A subscription to Velocity by Momentum Commerce allows users to explore everything that is happening on Amazon US. 
  • Search-aware competitive metrics: Most competitive offerings benchmark products relative to the product’s category classification, despite Amazon acting more as a search engine for products. To provide more actionable insights, Velocity by Momentum Commerce is architected to define product and brand performance relative to other products that show up alongside it on the search page. 
  • Depth vs. Breadth: Most competitive offerings provide a wide breadth of insights across geographies and eRetailers. Velocity by Momentum Commerce is initially focused on going deeper to reveal more insights on Amazon US specifically. 

Velocity by Momentum Commerce is available either as a standalone software subscription or included for all services clients of Momentum Commerce.

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