Why Business Insider Honored Momentum Commerce’s Kelsey Robb

Why Business Insider Honored Momentum Commerce’s Kelsey Robb

By Andrew Waber
News & Press
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February 17, 2022 · 3  min

Last week, our director of media services Kelsey Robb was named as one of the 42 Rising Stars of Ad Tech by Business Insider. While the piece itself focuses more on Kelsey’s role at Momentum Commerce, it’s worth highlighting in a bit more detail about why she was nominated for the award in the first place, and why her coworkers and clients think so highly of her. 

Pulling back a bit, as Momentum Commerce was getting off the ground in early 2021, we put together a few core values that would distill the kinds of qualities we wanted each and every member of the team to have. As eCommerce and online advertising veterans, we had seen our share of company cultures that started out terrific, but slowly soured. Talking through the various reasons things went south, we developed a list of values that directly aimed to combat that kind of “culture rot.” These would help guide not just actions of employees, but also how we determine who to hire in the first place.

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Kelsey joined Momentum Commerce in April 2021, and has taken these values to heart as she’s developed into the backbone of our services business and internal culture. She is a patient leader, listening closely to clients and peers when it comes to ensuring she understands them, their needs, and where they want to go. In the ‘smarter not harder’ realm, Kelsey is a repository of important intricacies and strategic guidance on Amazon advertising, and takes an active role helping train and coach up new hires and other employees. This includes her library of resources for new hires around reporting techniques, advertising terminology, seller central tips and tricks, and explainers around many important but complex topics.

This attitude extends even for folks outside of her team. As part of an EMEA/APAC audit for a large client led by our strategy team, Kelsey quickly pulled together detailed background information on learnings and best practices from her time managing the client’s US Amazon search program. We subsequently won that account, and her help was a big reason why.

Perhaps most impressively, her team achieved 100% client retention over the course of 2021. This includes an engagement with a market-leading national shoe brand – our biggest client at the time – who initially signed on for a single project to revamp their larger Amazon advertising strategy. Kelsey worked directly with the brand for months, growing their business on Amazon significantly across a key product line, to the point where they resigned for another project kicking off in 2022.

While Kelsey is a media services veteran in her own right, she actually began her career doing B2B PR for a Boston-area PR firm before taking an entry level role at Criteo, moving up the ranks and eventually leading media services teams there and elsewhere. This wider perspective and experience is a unique asset, and something that makes Kelsey a better leader in a services business with a wide range of clients.

On the cultural side, Kelsey takes a vocal role within internal groups around exercise, diversity, and philanthropy, and she is quick to congratulate team members across the company on big life updates. As a remote-only company, this drive to engage and pick people up is inspiring, and helps us truly enjoy the journey together. 

Congratulations to Kelsey, and if you want to join us on this fun ride with awesome coworkers, check out our careers page.