Know Your MC: Jeff Santos, Analyst, Services

Know Your MC: Jeff Santos, Analyst, Services

By Elise Conlin
Retail Services
Retail Strategy
June 2, 2023 · 2  min

This is the seventh of an ongoing series profiling Momentum Commerce team members (MCs for short). Click here to see more of our team, and be sure to check out our open roles!

Before coming to Momentum Commerce, what was your experience in the e-commerce space?

Prior to Momentum Commerce, my experience in e-commerce was a ‘big fat zero’. My closest experience prior to operating as a seller on a digital platform was as a reseller for exclusive sneakers and vintage streetwear on Grailed or StockX.

What made you want to make the jump to Momentum Commerce?

Before Momentum Commerce, I was a Logistics Account Executive at a large private freight brokerage. I stayed with that company for about a year and learned vital information about domestic logistics strategy and global supply chain management. However, while working for a large corporation I felt like another number on a roster. The experience taught me a lot of valuable professional skills, but I knew that environment ultimately was not one where I could be most productive. 

The day-to-day ever-changing atmosphere of working for a start-up has always excited me. When I found the opportunity on Linkedin, I pounced at the chance to leave the mundane big corporate structure environment for a potentially positive change (and have no regrets).

How would you describe the journey so far?

While reflecting on my journey at MC so far, it feels more like it has just begun. Every day is a new opportunity to challenge myself, learn from my environment, and achieve new goals for our team- and most importantly our clients! Having a logistics sales background in a new field also allows me to lend a different perspective in trouble scenarios.

What’s your favorite work memory?

My favorite memory is easily from the Newport Summit. I began my journey at Momentum a few weeks before the inaugural Newport Summit, which was an awesome introduction to a new company. The best part of the trip for me was the dinner at Fort Adams. Despite some unfortunate rain, I had a great time getting introduced to everyone in person and the food was obviously amazing.

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

Sports – playing or watching! If I can’t rally enough friends to get a game of pickup going I’ll go for a bike ride or run on the track. My sister also recently started a recreational volleyball league that I’m pretty excited to join.

What’s a fact about you that might surprise some people?

Growing up, I was really into geography quizzes (and puzzles were my go-to games). So now if I see a flag (foreign or domestic) I am fairly confident I can identify the origin. One day I’d like to go to a World Expo for a glimpse into the many different cultures of the world in one place – maybe Osaka 2025.