Know Your MC: Rujan Ahmed, Lead Analyst, Strategy

Know Your MC: Rujan Ahmed, Lead Analyst, Strategy

By Elise Conlin
Retail Services
Retail Strategy
July 10, 2023 · 2  min

This is the eighth of an ongoing series profiling Momentum Commerce team members (MCs for short). Click here to see more of our team, and be sure to check out our open roles!

Before coming to Momentum Commerce, what was your experience in the e-commerce space?

My first experience in eCommerce began in 2017 while working at Johnson & Johnson. I had the opportunity to support’s marketing promotional plans where I learned terms like “pureplays,” “omnichannel,” “digital endcaps” etc. A few years later I joined Packable’s Strategy team, leading eCommerce category insights, analytics, and market research for Senior Leadership, Business Development, and Brand Management teams. After a year, I transitioned into the Chief of Staff role, where my focus shifted towards bringing structure across people, processes, and technology across the company.

What made you want to make the jump to Momentum Commerce?

Our mission to be the most respected (not the biggest or flashiest) consultancy in data-driven e-commerce enablement resonated deeply with me. Also, the people I met during my interview process left a lasting impression. They were not only intelligent but also genuinely kind. The level of thoughtfulness in their questions and the honesty in their answers created a sense of vulnerability that made me care and feel connected from the start.

How would you describe the journey so far?

Joining a company that only seems to hire the best talent,  I thought I’d struggle with imposter syndrome. However, I don’t. I feel supported by my direct team, peers, and leadership, and I know my strengths while accepting what I’m not good at. In the words of one of my mentors, “I’m hoping they will support me and my imperfections — and I will do the same for everyone here.”

What’s your favorite work memory?

These two immediately come to mind:

– Last year when attending Amazon Ads unBoxed, four of us shared a cab on our way to The Killers concert that marked the end of the conference. I was relatively new to the company but the laughs and conversations during the ride made me feel as if I had known these individuals for a long time.
– Our 2nd annual company summit at Newport, RI last month was the perfect antidote to the feeling of apartness remote work can create. We have built a culture rooted in sincerity and kindness, and I could sense that in every conversation, smile, and team activity. Get a glimpse of my favorite moments in this 1-minute video!

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

Music has been a passion of mine since childhood. During Covid when all of us were stuck indoors I started a singing channel that has now become a mini passion project. It almost competes with my love for video editing. Capturing the essence of something while taking the viewer on an emotional journey through visual and auditory elements can keep me engaged for hours. Lastly, mentoring Rutgers Business School students is one of my proudest achievements to date. Helping create a better tomorrow is a feeling like no other and guides all that I do. Sharing both my personal & professional experiences with them while hoping it impacts their unique journies in a positive way gives me a deep sense of purpose.

What’s a fact about you that might surprise some people?

Some of my song covers are in different languages like Japanese, Korean, Thai, Hindi, etc. I learn to pronounce the lyrics by reading Romanized versions and combining them with the melody. Speaking these languages fluently would be such a dream!