Momentum Commerce Releases Updates to Digital Shelf Analytics Platform

Momentum Commerce Releases Updates to Digital Shelf Analytics Platform

By Elise Conlin
Data Science
Retail Media
Retail Strategy
October 5, 2023 · 2  min

Momentum Commerce has announced three new features added to Velocity, our Digital Shelf Analytics (DSA) platform. Each of these improvements is designed for data-driven brands looking to compete at the highest level on Amazon, building an even more comprehensive suite of market intelligence tools to better understand and react to Amazon trends.


1. New Content Optimization Module

  • Currently an internal tool, our team has loved using this added module! After filtering to a specific ASIN, you see a full overview of its title or bullet descriptions. The Content Optimization Module then generates new titles and bullet recommendations based on keyword data, populating a score based on how optimized the title or bullet may be. Users can filter through the various recommended keywords and their associated search volumes in the panel to the right. We believe this kind of integrated use of Generative AI and human knowledge is the key to leveraging such powerful tools properly. 
  • As you progress, the new product titles and descriptions will populate and save into a downloadable Excel sheet for bulk uploading to Amazon.


2. Executive Summary 2.0

  • The Portfolio Mode toggle allows users to create a fully customizable dashboard. Searching for a certain metric? Toggle the ‘Add Metric’ Section to view a list of potential additions. This is a great way to get a quick ‘gut-check’ of key metrics related to your brand and host it in a default dashboard. ‘Filter by Product’ is also available to see performance around one ASIN in your product catalog. 
  • Our Services Teams have been able to create custom dashboards unique to their client needs, providing quicker and more routine updates.


3. Category to Keyword Mapping

  • Our newest algorithm update enables more accurate keyword categorization at even greater depths, allowing for more thorough insights into some of the smallest subcategories on Amazon. The addition of this feature will allow for a wider range of more niche categories on Amazon to have meaningful keyword insights.


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