Why Business Insider Honored Momentum Commerce’s Noah Jones

Why Business Insider Honored Momentum Commerce’s Noah Jones

By Elise Conlin
News & Press
Retail Media
May 4, 2023 · 2  min

Last week, Business Insider named our own Noah Jones, Manager, Client Services, as one of the 27 Rising Stars of Ad Tech for 2023! Coincidentally, Noah has been a star at Momentum Commerce since his tenure began back in 2021. While the Business Insider article focuses on his specific role, we wanted to highlight the reasons why he was nominated and what makes him such a valuable asset to fellow colleagues and clients alike.

Momentum Commerce hires with the intent for all employees to possess certain qualities that will contribute to the overall culture. Noah is, above all, one of the friendliest MCs, on top of having exceptional knowledge of the eCommerce landscape and the Amazon advertising environment. To that end, Noah has been an amazing, accessible resource keeping every MC in the loop about best practices and new developments.

As one major example, when our growth skyrocketed in 2022, so did our staff. One of the challenges we had through that fast growth was to onboard and train new team members effectively. Noah volunteered to take on the training and onboarding for these new hires. This new process included building a PowerPoint presentation that helped new hires understand all the general tasks needed to get set up within Momentum Commerce but also established a six-week training program for the Services department. For this training, Noah owned meeting with new hires twice a week for the six-week plan and then offered office hours to them after the training program was completed. While Noah owned this process, he successfully onboarded two full new hire classes, and this process has been expanded and is used across all departments now.

“Noah is always willing to teach and support, not only the members of our team, but across the company. He’s very knowledgeable about retail media and makes for a great mentor. It’s a delight to work with him!”

Lea Price, Senior Analyst, Services

Now as a manager, with two direct reports under him, Noah is focused on helping mentor these team members as they collectively look to execute and strategize for their clients in 2023. He’ll also help iterate on the analyst training program to incorporate new internal and external processes as they develop.

While all this has gone on, Noah has helmed two of Momentum Commerce’s biggest and most complex clients. The result of his dedication and work ethic have led to substantial revenue growth for both clients across Amazon, with shoe brand Hey Dude winning a ‘Challenger Award’ from SimilarWeb thanks to incredible growth in the share of voice and market share.

Congratulations to Noah, and if you want to join us on this fun ride with awesome coworkers, check out our careers page.