Know Your MC: Grace Abraham, Retail Media Analyst

Know Your MC: Grace Abraham, Retail Media Analyst

By Andrew Waber
News & Press
Retail Media
August 10, 2022 · 3  min

This is the third of an ongoing series profiling Momentum Commerce team members (MCs for short). Click here to see more of our team, and be sure to check out our open roles!

Before coming to Momentum Commerce, what was your experience in the eCommerce space?

I’ve always been an avid online shopper, but before joining Momentum Commerce, my eCommerce and retail experience was more on the consumer side. I worked in luxury retail for a time, and we had a smaller eCommerce presence that was part of the job, apart from the brick-and-mortar sales. Outside of that, my background is in corporate tax accounting, which I was good at, but was consistently dry and boring.

Know your MC: Grace Abraham

What made you want to make the jump to Momentum Commerce?

From my time in college I have some marketing background, both as a minor during my undergrad and then a separate product marketing certification. Then, when I was in luxury retail, I really fell in love with brands and what makes them special. I felt right away that this was more my jam, and eCommerce is the fastest growing, most lucrative platform for brands, so that’s where I gravitated. To start that journey of my career I wanted a CEO mentor. I reached out to a few folks completely cold, and one of them was John Shea. After chatting with him, he suggested I apply for a role at Momentum Commerce, and a few weeks later I got the job. So my transition to eCommerce was a bit quicker than expected, but I was overjoyed at being able to make that change in my career.

How would you describe the journey so far?

It’s been a fun one! At first I was scared, but it’s awesome to have the support of a team, and lean in on my intrinsic motivation to learn a lot quickly. I’ve worked with awesome brands like XMONDO, and helping drive their success has been incredibly rewarding. To be honest, at first I didn’t know if I was going to like it – Amazon-centric eCommerce is naturally a bit more niche, but it’s been really fun. Advertising is a cool challenge that has immediate results, naturally holds you accountable to goals, and necessitates you constantly adjusting to meet them.

What’s your favorite work memory?

I mean, it has to be the Newport summit this summer. Hanging out and getting to know everyone a bit more was so much fun. There was a lot of laughing and bonding watching this one man act at a bar in Newport doing everything from Beyonce to country music.

More broadly, the whole experience really helped foster more of a whole company relationship. I had built relationships before the summit with different pockets of the company, but not collectively with the whole company. By the end, I had this ‘wow’ moment – everyone’s on the same page individually and collectively. Just reinforced that this is a great company I want to stick with!

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

I like to go to the gym, but my favorite activity is collecting odd things. I’ve got a lot of Simpsons artwork, 3D-printed character heads, and other quirky things. I love art and graphic design, so stuff like this just brings me a lot of joy.

What’s a fact about you that might surprise some people?

I ziplined across a lake full of alligators one time. A little scary, but memorable.