Thrasio Selects Momentum Commerce for Amazon Market Intelligence Solutions

Thrasio Selects Momentum Commerce for Amazon Market Intelligence Solutions

By Andrew Waber
News & Press
Retail Strategy
January 20, 2022 · 3  min

Momentum Commerce, a modern digital retail consultancy, today announced that Thrasio Holdings, Inc. (“Thrasio”), a next-generation consumer goods company and the largest acquirer of Amazon FBA businesses in the world, selected Momentum Commerce’s Amazon Market Intelligence Solutions as a foundational part of its competitive intelligence needs. With an agreement initially reached in 2021, Thrasio will continue using Momentum Commerce’s solution to help power its pricing, advertising, demand forecasting, and due-diligence processes.

After a highly competitive review of several Amazon market intelligence providers, Thrasio selected Momentum Commerce for its bespoke, holistic approach designed for Thrasio’s needs and those of its network of brands. During the review process, it was clear to Thrasio that it would be best served by the combination of both scale and function delivered across Momentum Commerce’s Market Intelligence Solutions.

“We reviewed a number of providers of Amazon market and competitive intelligence data and ultimately selected Momentum Commerce based on the flexibility and scalability of the solution, and the quality of their Engineering and Data Science teams,” said Jeremy Freeman, senior vice president of Technology at Thrasio.

Early work has included price-elasticity-of-demand analyses to understand how product demand changes with price for different items, as well as how additional features like badging characteristics affect these price elasticities. Thrasio has used this work to make better data-driven decisions about how to price their products on Amazon.

“At Momentum Commerce, we’ve assembled a Data Science and Engineering team with decades of experience building and deploying models and technology to solve a variety of challenges commonly faced in advertising and ecommerce,” said Jay McQuillan, chief technology officer at Momentum Commerce. “Over the course of our work with Thrasio, their Data and Analytics and Data Science teams have matched us every step of the way. Together, we’ve collaboratively built solutions to meet the evolving needs of their business, and we’re excited to continue that partnership.”

“Thrasio is built to identify and optimize opportunities within Amazon’s amazingly robust and complex Marketplace. Based on the success of our initial engagement with Momentum Commerce, we recently contracted them to help us build a predictive model to identify top-ranked products on Amazon’s platform that, we believe, have durable demand,” said Dan Parker, senior director and head of Data & Analytics at Thrasio. “This work has already informed our merger-and-acquisition strategy. We’re very excited by these early successes and look forward to continued work with Momentum Commerce in 2022.” 

“Thrasio is defining a new era in consumer goods. We’re looking forward to helping them further apply data, automation, and math to address the biggest challenges facing brands today,” said John T. Shea, chief executive officer of Momentum Commerce. “Getting in the trenches with Thrasio’s Product, Data Science and Analytics teams accelerates Momentum Commerce’s mission to be the most-respected company in data-driven ecommerce sales and marketing.”

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