Updates from The Momentum Commerce Technology Team for March 2024

Updates from The Momentum Commerce Technology Team for March 2024

By Elise Conlin
Data Science
Retail Media
Retail Strategy
April 5, 2024 · 2  min

Momentum Commerce has announced another suite of new features for our Digital Shelf Analytics (DSA) platform, and our internal team’s tools. Each of these improvements is designed for data-driven brands looking to compete at the highest level on Amazon, including an even more comprehensive suite of market intelligence tools to better understand and react to Amazon trends. Stay tuned for monthly updates from the team as we continue our mission to be the most respected consultancy in data-driven eCommerce.


1. Advanced Category Insights Functionality

  • Currently an internal tool, the enhancements made to the Category Insights segment of Velocity are reshaping our approach to Amazon data analysis. Users can create custom graphs using predefined filters like Demand Trends, Search Competition Trends, Category Competition, or Price Trends. Or, in Advanced Mode, users can mix and match filters to highlight the data they find relevant. 
  • Additionally, our team has also revamped the search trends section of Category Insights. Previously, our data provided a glimpse into the Top 50 search terms in any given category, as well as brands with top SOV in that category. Now, the team can toggle these metrics in a graph view, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the fluctuations in volume for specific terms over time.


2. Catalog Visualizer

  • The Catalog Visualizer provides a summary of a client’s product catalog by category, providing detailed information about an ASIN’s parent-to-child relationship, as well as variants displayed on the PDP (e.g. color, pack size, etc.) 
  • This tool has played a crucial role in familiarizing our teams with a new client’s catalog and has provided invaluable insights into the functionality of assortment strategies.


3. Custom Market Insights Tool

  • In the Market Intelligence section of Velocity, users now can create custom segments! Users can opt for the populated attribute options or input their own. This new function enables users to monitor markets like “Jewelry under $50,” rather than relying on Amazon’s rigid product categorization. (e.g. Competitors selling at an average price of $50 that are most visible on relevant search pages for a client’s top products)

Are you interested in learning more about our Digital Shelf Analytics platform, and all of its capabilities? Send us an email at hello@momentumcommerce.com