Updates from the Momentum Commerce Technology Team for October 2023

Updates from the Momentum Commerce Technology Team for October 2023

By Elise Conlin
Data Science
Retail Media
Retail Strategy
November 15, 2023 · 2  min

Momentum Commerce’s latest round of featured updates centers around Velocity, our Digital Shelf Analytics (DSA) platform. The additional functionality gives data-driven brands more tools to continue to compete at the highest level on Amazon.


1. Inventory Health Dashboard (New!)

A brand-new addition to the platform, the Inventory Health Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of a brand’s stock and what needs attention the most. Through three specific filters, users can gauge if their inventory is healthy, in danger, or potentially overstocked. Narrow down to the ASIN level and retrieve metrics like exhaustion risk, predicted sales, implied loss, and implied days on hand. Our dashboard organizes ASINs based on their inventory heath, prioritizing those needing immediate attention to display first.

  • Recency Bias= This filter considers sales from the last 28 days and simulates over 10,000 potential outcomes. When adjusting the filter to ‘none,’ each of the 28 days carries equal weight, choosing the ‘slight’ option places an increased weight on the more recent days’ average volume, while choosing ‘strong’ is designed to remove major past outliers from the forecasted pacing (e.g. a tentpole event like Prime Big Deal Days that occurred two weeks prior.)
  • Weeks Until Resupply= To what extent can a brand respond to restocking and replenishment? Utilize this filter to gain a comprehensive grasp of the urgency of specific ASINs and determine what strategic decisions may be necessary.
  • Overstock Threshold= How many weeks of supply does a brand need on hand at Amazon? What is the ideal range of supply to aim for? Adjust this filter to align with the overarching goal of minimizing overstock.


2. Updated Goals in the Executive Summary

Refine the ‘Goals’ filter within the Executive Summary to present a visual comparison between month-to-month and year-to-date sales against set targets. The new visuals provide insight into how a brand is pacing toward those goals. Adjusting monthly revenue goals, if needed, is also available.


3. DSP Dashboard Updates

Our DSP Dashboard now includes several new metrics such as New-to-Brand Sales and purchase clicks, enhancing the depth of insights available. Users also have the option to filter by impression or attribution type and further refine their view to examine specific DSP campaigns.

Our team is continuously working to improve the data and insights available to customers and our analyst teams. Each month we’ll share the latest and greatest updates here, and if you want to be kept in the loop please subscribe to our newsletter! Or, if you want to learn more about Velocity by Momentum Commerce and see our new features in action, email us at hello@momentumcommerce.com