Webinar: Designing Better Digital Shelf Analytics for Amazon

Webinar: Designing Better Digital Shelf Analytics for Amazon

By Andrew Waber
News & Press
June 7, 2023 · 3  min

Amazon is a complex ecosystem whether you are trying to improve your products’ competitive position or researching potential new categories for expansion. Digital Shelf Analytics (DSA) platforms can help here, but many tools in the marketplace can quickly become exorbitantly expensive as your SKU count or category breadth rises, on top of providing confusing insights that don’t have clear takeaways.

In this webinar, Momentum Commerce will share how we built a platform from scratch to solve these challenges, above all designed for the reality today’s brands face selling on Amazon. Attendees will get a live view of how this platform incorporates Amazon benchmarking, category growth trends, competitor and market research tools, Amazon revenue estimates, search term volume trends, and in-depth product-by-product performance breakdowns – along with access to an exclusive offer.

What You’ll Learn

  • Where Current Amazon DSA Tools Fall Short: Why are current options either confusing to work with, limited in actionability, or exceedingly costly?
  • Search-Aware Metrics and Why They Matter: What products are showing up alongside yours in search? Do you have visibility into how each product compares to those directly competitive options?
  • Key Use Cases for Velocity by Momentum Commerce: How can you go from a macro-level strategic question all the way down to specific, per-product tactical recommendations?
  • Details on an EXCLUSIVE OFFER for Registrants
  • Answers to Your Questions About Amazon Insights: We’ll be taking a full 15 minutes of live Q&A to close out the webinar

Webinar Details

  • Date: Thursday, June 22nd 2023
  • Time: 1:00 – 2:00pm ET

About the Presenters

Jay McQuillan, CTO, Momentum Commerce

Jay has spent more than a decade establishing, growing, and leading data science and machine learning organizations in e-commerce and adtech. He founded and scaled the data science organizations at several companies, including the ad network Chitika and insure-tech focused Everquote, which went public in 2018. He believes that the combination of automation, mathematics and a strong understanding of business problems can positively impact the efficacy of advertising and business strategy and has dedicated his career to assembling teams who do just that.

Bill Huertas, VP of Engineering, Momentum Commerce

Bill has been building innovative digital marketing solutions to connect brands with audiences since the 2000s. Through search, audience, and data platforms, native integrations, hyper-personalization, or marketplace optimization, Bill has driven growth for brands and content creators alike, such as Yahoo, LEGO, and Microsoft.

Kelsey Scarzello, Director of Strategy & Insights, Momentum Commerce

Kelsey has spent close to a decade in e-commerce, focusing on driving sales and performance for businesses through retail media and programmatic advertising execution. She has experience growing small businesses and driving focused results for enterprise-level businesses including Outerknown, Vibram, Nutribullet, Reef, Rockport, Naturewise, Nulo, and Level Home.

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